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Tradition and passion since 1897

Ancient Piedmontese chocolate shop

The A. Giordano workshop is located in the countryside on the outskirts of Leinì, in Piedmont, while the historic shop is in Turin, in Piazza Carlo Felice. The tradition and centuries-old recipes that have been handed down for generations, are today carried on by the Faletti family, which has always been committed to maintaining the highest quality standards of the chocolate produced.

The manufacturing processes still require patient handovers, as for the handcrafted gianduiotti and giacomette which are spatulated entirely by hand by the giandujere: delicacies repeatedly awarded for their quality and excellence.

The A. Giordano company uses only the purest cocoa from Ecuador and the Ivory Coast. The hazelnuts, selected according to a high quality criterion, are roasted and ground in a stone mill together with raw cane sugar and cocoa mass. The mixture obtained is then placed in the refiner: the sheets obtained are melted in cocoa butter, where they are mixed for about 72 hours.

Slow processes, craftsmanship that are combined with a careful selection of raw materials to give life to out of the ordinary results. As in the case of the Alpinluce: a hand-poured chocolate shell that welcomes an inviting filling of cremino and Erbaluce di Caluso passito wine. Tradition, meticulousness and the pursuit of excellence are therefore the fundamental values of the Turin company. La Bottega proudly offers A. Giordano chocolate: a combination of taste and tradition, which has been aiming for excellence for over a century.


Guantiera | Giordano

Cioccolato A. Giordano
GUANTIERA GIACOMETTI E GIANDUIOTTI 250 gr Containing handmade gianduiotti, giacomette and alpinluce. The box was conceived to enclose and enhance the richness and elegance of the hand-cut gianduiotti and giacomette and alpinluce.

Mini scrigno | Giordano

Cioccolato A. Giordano
MINI SCRIGNO GIANDUIOTTI E GIACOMETTE 170 gr Assorted gianduiotti and giacomette chocolates.

Gianduione | Giordano

Cioccolato A. Giordano
300 g Gianduja hazelnut chocolate. Contains IGP Piedmont hazelnuts.
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